Dan Kerr – Academia Cotopaxi

I am currently the Intermediate School Principal (Grades 3-8) at Academia Cotopaxi American International School in Quito, Ecuador. I arrived in July of 2014 after 4 amazing years in Shanghai at SCIS in China,  7 wonderful years in Jakarta, at Jakarta International School, and 4 exciting years in Abu Dhabi in the UAE…I’ve been an International School Teacher/Administrator for over 15 years.

I began four years ago sending my thoughts (Musings) out to my  School faculty in an attempt to share my vision, and to open up the lines of communication. They’ve become somewhat of an expectation over the last several years, and it’s fair to say that they’ve morphed into opportunities for me to address issues, share my educational fairytale, and to celebrate accomplishments with the surrounding school community. They’ve also helped me “sharpen the saw” so to speak, as the professional discourse that stems from these posts has allowed me to share ideas and issues with educational leaders from around the world. I am now a featured blogger for THE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATOR (TIE online), and you can follow my posts here at http://www.tieonline.com/. I’m also an adjunct professor for Endicott College, teaching in their Masters Degree leadership program in Madrid, Spain every summer.

I eventually decided to put these Musings into a Blog format, and share them with other teachers and administrators from around the world who I know and respect. Essentially, the Musings are my attempt to stay current, as well as a forum to gain valuable feedback on how to turn a school from good to great. It’s an on-going process 🙂