What I Believe…

Here is an incomplete list of things that I believe in as a person, a father, a husband, and as an educator…….

I believe that……

1. Every Child Can Learn

2. Attitude is everything

3. Educators have a Huge Responsibility/Opportunity

I believe in……

1. Family

2. Integrity and Ethics

3. Finding Balance in my life

4. Children

5. Character Development in kids

6. Community and Culture

7. Fostering a Positve School Climate

8. Pastoral Care Programs (Advisory/Mentoring)

9. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

10. Educational Courage (having difficult conversations)

11. Professional Development

12. Service Learning

13. Celebrations!

14. Listening

15. Setting High Expectations

16. Saying Thank you and Being Grateful

17. Goal Setting

18. Taking Risks/Being Innovative

19. Reflection and Feedback

20. Distributive Leadership

21. Literacy!

22. Technology as an Educational Tool

23. Academic Rigor

24. Inquiry Based Learning

25. Transparent and Viable Curriculum

26. International School Education

27. The Future of our World

28. Environmental Awareness

29. Taking Unnecessary Pressure off of Kids

30. Developing Lasting Relationships